Employee Performance

Effective performance management is much more than a completed review document; it’s a continuous dialogue designed to help employees and organizations succeed. PerformYard facilitates myriad review processes, across any frequency and with a multitude of important inputs. But it’s more than that, as it becomes your place to track progress to goals and objectives, record and provide feedback, and build a history of achievement.


Performance Reviews

Deliver anxiety-free reviews using a complete record of accomplishment. Customize reviews to meet your needs, from the questions you ask to the timelines you follow. Enable reviews to include multiple perspectives, from manager to employee to peers, even external clients.


goal achievement


Enable employees and managers to easily track goal achievement. Provide intuitive goal creation and tracking for everyone in the organization. Give employees and managers the means to display progress based on real-time updates and engage in valuable coaching discussions, and then align goals to reviews so that there are clear indicators of success.


Status reporting

Gain the pulse of employees across the organization, by gathering meaningful updates on successes and challenges at the employee level. Empower managers with proactive feedback from employees, and consolidate the data and information from an entire team in one place for easy consumption.


Notes & Shout-outs

Document and announce meaningful performance results. Record notes about performance, for yourself or your team so you remember all the good things that have gone on when it comes time to do reviews. Highlight successes and exceptional performance across the organization, recognizing those above-and-beyond efforts.