Goal and Strategy Execution

Your strategy shouldn’t be a set of bullets decided at an executive meeting that get put up on a wall and not thought about until the end of the year. It should be dynamic, evolving and updating as you collectively work to achieve it. In PerformYard, you’ll gain insight into how you’re accomplishing your objectives, breaking those down into manageable and executable parts that can be achieved and communicated to ensure you stay on track.


Strategy Definition

Document and communicate your strategy across the business, from the highest levels downward. Break it down into executable parts and assign responsibilities across your organizational structure. Make it clear who owns what, defining expectations, timelines and contributions to ensure line of sight for action and success.


clear visualizations

Make the process for communicating progress and expectations consistent and repeatable across all facets of the business. Then turn those progress updates into clean and easily digestible charts and dashboards, giving executives, management and team members the understanding of not just how you’re doing, but where you’re going too.


Performance insights

Learn where your team is excelling, and where you might be falling off track, with the visibility provided by updates, rollups and influences. Use these insights to adjust resources and change direction, all while keeping your eyes on the prize.