Other Features

PerformYard will help you execute important tasks and activities.  That includes updating employee data, building custom reports, onboarding new hires, capturing signatures, or disseminating information. You can reach and manage your entire organization through one simple interface.


single Sign On

Make accessing PerformYard a breeze with pre-built single sign on (SSO) with Google Apps and Office365.

Integrate PerformYard directly using common identity management services such as Okta and OneLogin or enable custom single sign on using SAML 2.0


Directory & Org Chart

Give everyone access to a simple online corporate directory and organizational chart, providing clear visibility into the whole organization.

Make employees feel more included and connected by knowing who does what and where they fit.



Run custom reports to slice and dice your employee data, enabling you to report data of your choosing across the entire employee base or find just those employees that meet specific criteria.

Use historical data to run reports at any time in the past, showing exactly who was onboarded at what time and what their data looked like.


track onboarding & Workflows

Make onboarding a painless process for new hires, HR staff and everyone that’s participating in bringing people onto your team. The workflow ensures everyone knows their role and their deadline. Get important documents signed online rather than copying and scanning paper files, and then store those high value documents for each new employee.


manage Documents & links

Provide access to key documents and forms, 24/7, eliminating the repeated "how do I?" questions. Link to your most important, related HR systems.