Our Mission

Our mission at PerformYard is to drive corporate revenue, success, and results for our customers. Our web-based platform takes employee performance to the next level.

Organizations of all sizes are faced with an enormous challenge. How do they grow revenue and profitability while simultaneously creating a culture that motivates, rewards, and retains their best people? Arming sales teams with qualified prospects, opportunities, and the tools/processes to convert these into revenue growth is the lifeblood of any business. Doing this while maintaining transparency, feedback, and real time collaboration are the calling cards of today's modern and successful workforce.

PerformYard has developed technology that directly addresses these two priorities – driving both corporate and individual performance. The result is simple and effective software that helps drive organizational performance through the roof. We started with how people actually work and ensured that our products both integrate with and automate these processes. Instead of hoping that the sales team will hit plan PerformYard Sales Automation empowers and accelerates the revenue teams. Instead of checking an HR box once a year PerformYard Talent facilitates regular communication and feedback - daily, weekly, and monthly.